Your mortgages adviser will:

  • Help to build a clear picture of your current situation, calculating exactly how much you can borrow, what it will cost, and answer any questions you have about the mortgage process.
  • Search the entire market for available doctors mortgages to find the deals that best match your needs, then present your options in a straightforward way, to help you make the right decision.
  • Work with you to complete your mortgage application, checking that you’ve filled in the forms correctly and that they are accompanied by the right documentation. They will then submit your application to the lender.
  • Recommend a trusted conveyancing specialist, should you need one, to oversee the legal aspects and help your property purchase go smoothly.
  • Help to finalise the contract with your lender, once you’ve been approved, and oversee the signing of your mortgage agreement. They will make sure that you fully understand each part of the document.
  • Finally, your mortgage adviser can also discuss your insurance needs, to give you the peace of mind that you are completely protected should the unexpected happen.