Financial Protection

Financial Protection

1 million people are left unable to work each year in the UK due to illness or injury*, yet only 10% of the population protect their income for this eventuality. Doctors are especially aware of the rigours of life, and can have a lot to lose in the event of an accident, illness or worse, but do you have a safety net in place for you and your family should your income stop? What cover will the NHS provide for you?

Would you qualify for an ill health pension or sick pay? Having a specialised income protection strategy planned by Chase de Vere Medical will allow you and your family to focus on the things that matter most if the worst does happen.


* The Association of British Insurers

Key Types of Financial Protection for Doctors

Financial protection means peace of mind, so that you can enjoy the important things in life. Chase de Vere Medical’s advice is tailored to your personal and professional needs and circumstances, and covers:

  • Income Protection: A monthly, tax-free sum if you’re unable to work due to injury or illness.
  • Life Insurance: A cash sum, normally tax-free, paid out on death.
  • Critical Illness: A tax-free sum should you be diagnosed with a serious illness or have an accident which leaves you unable to work.

Your independent adviser will discuss the most appropriate cover for your individual situation. Comprehensive, specialist, bespoke and ultimately; protected.

BMA members can save up to 13% on life and critical illness insurance with our exclusive offer.


A young female nurse wearing blue scrubs and holding medical records is smiling to camera. She is standing on a busy corridor of a modern hospital . More male and female nurses are walking behind her .
1 Comprehensive financial planning for medical practitioners
2 The UK’s largest specialist adviser
3 We’ve advised over 14,000 medical professionals

“Happy with the level of service & professionalism provided. They take into account the fact that we are doctors & seem to tailor services for that.”

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